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701 NW 1st Court
17th Floor
Miami, FL 33136
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Service Area Detail

Service Area Sq Miles:306
Service Area Pop:2,496,435
UZA Name:Miami, FL
Tribal Area Name:
Square Miles:1,239

Agency Detail

NTD ID:40034
Reporter Status:Active
Reporter Type:Full Reporter
Organization Type:City, County or Local Government Unit or Department of Transportation
FY End Date:9/30/2017
Service Types:Monorail and Automated Guideway DO; Commuter Bus PT; Demand Response PT; Heavy Rail DO; Bus DO; Bus PT; Monorail and Automated Guideway DO; Van Pool PT;

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:357,878,157
Unlinked Passenger Trips:58,000,998
Average Trip Length (miles):6.17
Fares Collected:$70,354,350
Operating Expenses:$363,156,856
Cost per Trip:$7.04
Average Fare per Trip:$1.21
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$5.83

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:151,178,900
Unlinked Passenger Trips:19,984,735
Average Trip Length (miles):7.56
Fares Collected:$16,120,089
Operating Expenses:$101,483,951
Cost per Trip:$5.86
Average Fare per Trip:$0.81
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$5.05

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:190,201
Unlinked Passenger Trips:37,004
Average Trip Length (miles):5.14
Fares Collected:$13,160
Operating Expenses:$238,694
Cost per Trip:$7.20
Average Fare per Trip:$0.36
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$6.84

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:8,834,353
Unlinked Passenger Trips:9,463,403
Average Trip Length (miles):0.93
Fares Collected:$0
Operating Expenses:$28,675,295
Cost per Trip:$3.81
Average Fare per Trip:$0.00
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$3.81

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:21,038,219
Unlinked Passenger Trips:1,633,236
Average Trip Length (miles):12.88
Fares Collected:$5,877,893
Operating Expenses:$50,311,740
Cost per Trip:$31.58
Average Fare per Trip:$3.60
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$27.98

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:14,572,565
Unlinked Passenger Trips:345,784
Average Trip Length (miles):42.14
Fares Collected:$398,692
Operating Expenses:$7,588,950
Cost per Trip:$22.73
Average Fare per Trip:$1.15
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$21.58

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:0
Unlinked Passenger Trips:0
Average Trip Length (miles):0.00
Fares Collected:$0
Operating Expenses:$0
Cost per Trip:$nan
Average Fare per Trip:$0.00
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$nan