Agency Information

100 North Myrtle Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204
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Service Area Detail

Service Area Sq Miles:798
Service Area Pop:1,036,907
UZA Name:Jacksonville, FL
Tribal Area Name:
Square Miles:530

Agency Detail

NTD ID:40040
Reporter Status:Active
Reporter Type:Full Reporter
Organization Type:Independent Public Agency or Authority of Transit Service
FY End Date:9/30/2017
Service Types:Monorail and Automated Guideway DO; Demand Response PT; Demand Response TX; Ferryboat PT; Bus DO; Bus PT; Monorail and Automated Guideway DO;

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:64,694,247
Unlinked Passenger Trips:10,794,798
Average Trip Length (miles):5.99
Fares Collected:$10,384,644
Operating Expenses:$74,234,599
Cost per Trip:$8.53
Average Fare per Trip:$0.96
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$7.57

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:198,914
Unlinked Passenger Trips:442,032
Average Trip Length (miles):0.45
Fares Collected:$1,247,360
Operating Expenses:$2,302,822
Cost per Trip:$6.86
Average Fare per Trip:$2.82
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$4.04

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:748,071
Unlinked Passenger Trips:1,053,621
Average Trip Length (miles):0.71
Fares Collected:$0
Operating Expenses:$6,077,710
Cost per Trip:$7.42
Average Fare per Trip:$0.00
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$7.42

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:4,396,241
Unlinked Passenger Trips:368,596
Average Trip Length (miles):11.93
Fares Collected:$1,072,358
Operating Expenses:$14,177,196
Cost per Trip:$40.11
Average Fare per Trip:$2.91
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$37.20

Fiscal Year Data:2017
Passenger Miles:0
Unlinked Passenger Trips:0
Average Trip Length (miles):0.00
Fares Collected:$0
Operating Expenses:$0
Cost per Trip:$nan
Average Fare per Trip:$0.00
Loss (Subsidy) per Trip:$nan